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Reliable RV Repair, LLC

Affordable mobile RV repair and service you can trust.

Photo Gallery

We are always updating our photo gallery from previous Reliable RV Repair projects. New photos coming soon!


Your RV's roof is its most valuable feature of protection and durability. The longevity of your RV solely depends on your roof's condition and maintenance. Because you are on the go, your roof is exposed to various weather conditions like heat, wind, rain, and more.

We use professional EPDM Rubber Roof Membrane, which through normal wear-and-tear, will give your new roof life for at least ten years. We stand by our work with a 2-YEAR GUARANTEE on all roof installations. With our FREE ROOF INSPECTION*, we'll check your roof for tears, breaks, cracks, and everything in between. Let us bring your roof back to life, and face Mother Nature head on.

* Customer pays service call fee in the amount of $50 due at the time of scheduled appointment, then the fee will be deducted from final bill.


• Having interior water damage in your recreational vehicle is never a good thing. Our client, Matt R. has a 40 ft. horse trailer that was in need of repair! Unfortunately he had water damage in his linoleum flooring that required a partial floor rebuild. In a short time, Matt R. now has a beautiful new laminate floor that combines manageability and affordability with a luxury look!

• Sometimes all you need is a little renovation! Just like you update your home, installing new flooring is a quick fix to add a little "newness" to your RV. After all, it is your home away from home. Our clients, James and Dena D., enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. They were looking to bring personal style of home to the open road. The hand-selected porcelain tiles and updated carpet accomplished just that! 

• When it comes to your "home away from home," organization and storage are key to enjoying your recreational vehicle. Our customers, Wendell and Polly E., needed some additional storage which their kitchen area was lacking. We built quality shelves with a luxury finish above their sink and underneath their counter/bar. Below the sink, installing a pull out rack for pots and pans added organization to their needed storage. The finished product is seamless with the design of the original cabinetry from the factory!


• When it comes to water damage repairs, always make sure you call the professionals. Your RV is in good hands with Reliable RV Repair. We have the right tools to get the job done right the first time. This RV's previous owner had his bedroom slideout repaired NOT by an RV professional, and unfortunately, it caused continuous severe water damage. After repairing the floor, Larry V. wanted updated carpet installed throughout the RV. Take a look.

• Failure to have your caulking inspected regularly can cause some unsightly water damage! As you can see from the photos, the water damage was so severe, it required rebuilding the ceiling, walls, and floor. To deter future damage (and headaches!), we used weather-treated wood and replaced the deteriorated insulation. New wall paneling and an EPDM rubber roof were installed.